Friday, April 06, 2018

Durrington Detective Agency - Once in a Blue Moon

It’s a rare occurrence, like two full moons in the same month,” I explained.
Or it’s the new Chinese Restaurant in Goring,” Micah replied.
Goring lies between Durrington on Sea and the sea. Historians believe that once the boundaries were drawn differently or perhaps Goring was underwater. We decided to venture out of our comfort zone for once and give the new restaurant a try.
Micah has the unfortunate habit of listening to the conversations of other diners. It is no bad thing for a detective to be a bit on the nosy side and I have to admit the couple were having a strange conversation.
The man in the leather jacket looked to be in his mid-thirties. The woman wore an identical leather jacket and in every respect, she seemed to be trying hard to look like her companion. They both had fair hair and it was cut to a similar length. He had a collection of rings which would prove useful in a bare-knuckle fight and so did she. She drew the line at the beard, however. We were to find their names were Jack Edson and Jackie Dubson but that was after matters unfolded to a tragic conclusion.
I am going to give you such a thrashing,” Jack said conversationally.
You mean like you did at canasta?” Jackie asked with a laugh.

... to be continued.

The new Durrington Detective Agency book - provisionally and alliteratively entitled "Death in Durrington" - will be out later this year.

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