Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Frank Field attacks pensioners

Frank Field, chair of the Commons Work and Pensions committee has called for the "triple lock" on pensions to be abolished. Under this scheme the government solemnly promised to raise pensions by the same rate as average earnings, the Consumer Price Index or 2.5 percent.

With breathtaking mendacity, Field argued that this would mean raising the pension age to 70.5 by 2060. It would mean no such thing and Field knows this very well.

It would only mean that if there were to be no increase in expenditure on pensions. This would be a measure to save money. Scrapping Trident would save money. but Field is careful not to suggest that. An end to the prestige Grammar School program would save money, indeed stopping MP's expenses would also be a measure to save money and Hell would freeze over before Field would suggest that!
What a disgrace.

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