Saturday, August 20, 2016

They stopped me voting for Jeremy. Now I need you to vote for both of us.

I got this email today and I would like to share it with you:

My name is Christine. I am a fitness instructor and single mum who'd always voted Labour and been passionate about fighting injustice but never joined the party until June.

I did so because Jeremy Corbyn's vision for the future of our country is what I want for my life and for my daughter's future. I trust him because he sticks with his principles and values.

It said on the website I could vote in the leadership election so the decision to exclude me from voting just seemed unfair and undemocratic. I could not stand by and let that happen to tens of thousands of new members like me, so I went to the High Court, and won.

The NEC appealing against the High Court decision was hugely disrespectful to members, risking members' money to block those who could not afford to pay another £25 from voting. Now I don't have a vote. So please use your vote to restore democracy to this party. Only a vote for Jeremy Corbyn will achieve that.

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