Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tail wagging the dog.

Ewen MacAskill in The Guardian has broken ranks with the media to do an analysis of the changes in the Labour Party. Unsurprisingly it gives the lie to much that the BBC is saying and everything that the Prince of Lies, Mandelson, is saying.
The Guardian has the tail wagging the dog, saying “Leader’s hopes of remoulding the party boosted as Guardian survey shows surge in members, huge support and shift to the left”.
Any sane person would say that it is the surge in members seeking a new kind of politics which thrust a socialist into the leadership of what was a capitalist party hell-bent on war and privatisation.
The article explicitly gives the lie to Mandelson.
Party membership figures are a controversial issue, with the former cabinet minister Peter Mandelson, who is opposed to Corbyn, telling a Labour meeting in the Lords last month that “30,000 long-term members have left the party, real members, tens of thousands”.

But the newly released figures undermine his claim, showing a total of 13,860 have left since the general election, some of them having resigned while others have gone as part of natural churn. The increase in membership is continuing, with just under 1,000 having joined since Christmas Eve.”
The Guardian survey shows a shift to the left among the new members while those deepest in the counsels of New Labour have obeyed the instruction of Blair, Mandy and "dodgy dossier"Campbell to be more Tory than the Tories.”
Small wonder that grass-roots members are fed up to the back teeth with squabbling MPs. The system of election was supposed to prevent anyone on the left becoming leader. It failed. Now instead of kicking themselves the Blairite rump are kicking Jeremy Corbyn.

This is a golden opportunity for Socialists in the UK. Our ideas are have been deeply rooted in the working class movement since the days of the Chartists. Now is the time to build the momentum for a movement against the cuts which can drive this Tory canaille from power.

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