Friday, January 08, 2016

Socialism - it's not a dirty word Kuenssberg

We have a great socialist tradition, it goes back to the chartists, to the creators of the first trade unions, the co-operative movement - everyone who sought social justice. There have been socialists inside the Labour Party (like my father in 1946) and those outside (like me in 2016).

They are not communists,they are not fascists and only a babe in arms, or  Laura Kuenssberg, would call them terrorist. They do believe in peace and like any sane person they realise that peace means sitting down to talk with people you disagree with and who probably want to kill you. That is the opposite of terrorism,Kuenssberg.

The blatant BBC bias against Corbyn prevents any serious criticism or analysis of the Labour leadership. Nick Robinson has his work cut out to counter the thousands of examples of bias which have been brought to light by social media. The BBC is, or at least ought to be, better than Murdoch. It does itself no favours by sinking to his level.

The "Corbyn insurgency" is a golden opportunity for socialists to work for common objectives. The Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition, set up by Bob Crow, has been quick to sieze this opportunity with both hands and support those Labour councillors who want to stand up against Tory cuts. They have provided practical support and advice on how to carry out a needs budget rather than one dictated by the millionaires

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