Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Silly Season story in the i

Journalists live in a strange world where party leaders take all the decisions. The policy of women-only carriages - adopted on British railways in the 1950s -is not an invention of Jeremy Corbyn nor would it necessarily become policy if he were elected. By the same logic the Daily Mail insisted a Corbyn government would have us all eating cold baked beans. Probably not!

In other news, Andy Burnham was put on the spot about whether Labour was ready for a female Labour leader. A female socialist would make an excellent leader. A Margaret Thatcher clone probably less so. Liz Kendall was on the BBC rubbishing the trade unions and lauding free schools.

I did not have a vote in this election - being one of the reds under Harriet Harman's bed apparently - but it is a significant development in British politics as Rodney K Kreizman explains here 

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