Friday, April 24, 2015

Racism is the first refuge of a scoundrel.

On 6 April a change was made in the renewal of Discretionary Leave to Remain. Until 5th April all applicants for renewal had to fill a form with about 15 pages in it, most of the pages were in fact redundant if the person had committed no offences over the 2½ or 3 years since they had been granted DLR. There was no fee - only the postage cost.

The change means that applicants have to fill in a 32-page form and also have to pay £649 per individual, including dependant infants, plus a further £600 per person for a brand new "Immigration Health Surcharge". There is also charge of £40 per person for their "Biometric Residence Permit", unless they have one already. But most people don't have one because it was introduced more recently than 3 years ago.

This means that a family of three, for example will be paying £4,000. Where are they supposed to find that kind of money? MPs sit on massive expense accounts. Migrants do not.


The biometric Residence Permit identifies the person as a "migrant". It is the equivalent of the Yellow Star which Jews had to wear in Nazi Germany.

The Labour Traitors are remarkably quiet on this issue.
Your parliamentary candidates might be completely useless. The Labour Traitors are remarkably quiet on this issue.

If so I sympathise. You could however write to them so they cannot claim “none of my constituents is concerned about this issue”


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