Friday, April 10, 2015

Is Labour the lesser evil?

Once people saw Labour as "the lesser evil." Labour was a party committed to public service and peace through Clause 4 of its constitution. One can argue whether that was a tenable position.

Can anyone argue that Labour is still "the lesser evil"? The Iraq war was a turning point for many. Were Labour bombs less evil than Tory bombs? Did the women and children who died because of Blair's lies grateful that at least they were Labour lies and not Tory lies?

And Blair is not a ghost from the past. He has bribed Labour with his blood money. The Labour leadership has not repudiated his support. They have not denounced him as a war criminal. They have not questioned his support for the dictatorship in Kazakstan or his interesting statement that "democracy is not as important as good government".

Vote Miliband. Get Blair.

Or vote with your conscience.
Vote against privatisation
Vote against cuts
Vote against war

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