Saturday, March 28, 2015

Vote for slavery - get slavery

To coin a phrase, 'don't vote for freedom, you might not get it. Vote for slavery. You've got a cinch on that' (Debs)

The same old weasels are telling us to "Vote Labour to get the Tories out." Labour cuts are better than Tory cuts?  Labour privatisation is better than Tory privatisation? Ask people in Iraq if Labour bombs are better than Tory bombs.

And don't forget Blair's £100000 blood money bribe to Labour. Vote Miliband get Blair is not an election-winning slogan.

As they used to say when I was a lot younger,
"Labour Tory both the same 
puppets in the bosses' game."

TUSC have a real chance to make a difference. It was founded in the first place because working people cannot trust the Labour traitors. If we keep holding our noses and voting Labour we will suffocate! #socialistreviews

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