Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Trainers on the ground?

Private Eye derided Cameron's posturing over the Ukraine. No boots on the ground just trainers.

Napoleon, then Hitler, now Cameron wants to take on Russia. History repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce.

Napoleon Cameron has not got a cat in Hell's chance of winning against Russia. NATO is playing a stupid and dangerous game but it is not the politicians' lives on the line. They will send better people than themselves out to die.

And who said it was the white man's burden to go out and sort out a complex civil war in which an ethnic minority Russian community feel under threat and Moscow sees its chance to defend its borders against NATO incursions? It was probably Kipling. It might have been Michael Gove. This ludicrous sabre-rattling ahead of an election should fool nobody. A Government in deep trouble at home tries to divert attention by baiting the Russian bear.

The Western powers are playing a very dangerous game. It is one thing to attack a country they know very well did not have weapons of mass destruction. I don't think the Russian ICBMs are a convenient fiction. They are real enough.

And when pensioners and the unemployed have to make hard decisions because of lack of money, we suddenly have billions to squander on this dangerous nonsense? Have we?

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