Friday, March 20, 2015

The next step in privatisation

From "The Mirror of Eternity" blog

The Dictatorship took the next logical step in privatisation. The Dictator abolished the law and the police force. Some police officers were re-employed at a reduced salary and given the jobs of eliminating the enemies of the dictator - a job which was often subcontracted to criminal gangs - and infiltrating said criminal gangs.

Law enforcement was entirely in the hands of the gangs. They had access to all the police files and the use of derelict police stations.

This is in the parallel universe of The Miranda Revolution. It could not possibly happen in the real world...or could it?

I mean the government wouldn't sell off the Royal Mail for a song. They wouldn't hand over the prisons to private companies of proven incompetence. They wouldn't allow profiteering on an industrial scale in education. Yet they have.

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