Wednesday, March 04, 2015

No place to call home

No Place to call home is reviewed in the Independent here

The programme shows how the policies of the government (the 'hard decisions' Ian Duncan Smith and his millionaire colleagues have had to make) have affected the lives of the poor. The program itself, which I watched by accident, is harrowing in parts and heartening in others.

It is harrowing when it shows how the council can wash their hands of a family because they are intentionally homeless. How many politicians with their fat expenses have had to live a winter without heating because their landlord cannot be bothered to fix the boiler? Would they choose to leave that house and make themselves 'intentionally homeless'?

It is heartening in showing how the families manage to survive in these appalling circumstances. In the end they are superior to the politicians who think of themselves as their betters.

Iain Duncan Smith should be nailed to a chair and forced to watch this programme. It is evidence of why the politicians would like to ditch the BBC in favour of Rupert Murdoch. TV is already mainly celebrity bullshit and repeats. They would prefer it to be 100 percent.

And none of the political class could care less about this. Well "don't care" was made to care. You can vote against this canaille. You can vote for socialist and anti-cuts candidates.


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