Sunday, March 22, 2015

No need for anti-racism?

According to the Institute for Race Relations, a body Nigel Farage could do without, "More than 500 black and ethnic minority individuals have died in suspicious circumstances while in state detention over the past 24 years, but not a single official has been successfully prosecuted." I wonder how Ukippers feel about this.

The i talks about "UKIP in meltdown." Is it not rather that the more extreme racist views are heard from UKIP the more such ideas gain in credibility. The media-fuelled hysteria over immigration allows politicians of all parties to make racist statements. The media seldom interview migrants. Migrants are only seen as shadowy figures and linked to terrorism, unemployment, NHS waiting lists - you name it. The migrant is the new scapegoat for all the ills of capitalism.

And the real villains of the piece? Only TUSC seem to be talking about the one percent who hog all the wealth and will use any dirty trick to make sure they keep hold of it!

All the politicians are receiving dirty money from hedge funds, even indirectly the dictatorship in Kazakstan who keep Blair in clover. Only TUSC relies on money from ordinary people. And today they need it more than ever.

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