Friday, March 20, 2015

Hysteria against migrants

BBC South East have produced an exposé of people trafficking. In the run up to the election we can expect more and more coverage about migrants. The BBC like to appear respectable and not racist but the choice of the issue of immigration rather than the issue of racism gives the impression that the first is a problem but the second is not worthy of TV coverage.

The link is here

What was missing was any compassion for the migrants. They were not seen as human beings. There were plenty of interviews but the BBC refused to talk to any of the migrants. Their stories were likely to be more interesting than this hysterical exposé.

What was their crime? Going to Italy. You would think Ukippers everywhere would cheer about migrants leaving the country but no.

The gutter press will be full of anti-migrant stories of course. If you expected any better from the BBC you will have been disappointed.

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