Saturday, February 07, 2015

Tax Dodgers on the number 7 bus

Tax dodgers cost us an estimated £3.6 billion pounds. We have all felt the cuts in health and welfare which result. The dynamic government response has been, for example, to put some adverts on the number 7 bus route in Durrington warning tax dodgers that the government is watching them.

It may have escaped their attention that Stefano Pessina does not take the number 7 bus - it does not go to Monaco where this worthy preaches the gospel of tax dodging. Pessina attacks the mild attempts of the Labour Party to tackle tax dodging. Stopping the tax dodgers will "ruin the country" apparently. I assume he refers to Monaco. This is a man who makes us pay his taxes for him and he has the cheek to lecture the government.The Daily Mail has the cheek to quote him as a business man when his only business seems to be monkey-business with the tax system.

There is a worthy petition online from War on Want, 

However if you want the millionaire tax-dodgers expropriated you might be better off voting for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition. They are proposing rather more than a few pathetic posters on the number 7 bus.


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