Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fire Services cuts will cost lives.

From Tony Morris - retired firefighter and still fighting!
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Dear All,
I am writing to as many organisations as possible to highlight the dangers of planned fire service cuts in West Sussex.
It is in everyone's interest to sign the Stop fire engine and firefighter cuts in West Sussex online petition to show the County Council that it is a step too far.
These cuts will result in longer response times, more deaths, more injuries and more property damage. For example, the removal of second fire engines from Midhurst, Petworth and Storrington will, according to WSCC's own figures, cost an extra loss of life every 3 years and £67,000 extra damage. Yet it will only save £63,000. Other cuts mean an extra death every other year and £80,000 extra damage.
Things are already bad with the availability of retained (part time) crewed fire engines dropping 16% below standard last year. Some stations are actually not available more often than they are available. This and previous cuts have seen response times increase, and latest figures show that West Sussex had the most fire deaths and injuries, per head of population, of any area in the southeast, including London, for the second year running.
If we get at least 3,000 signatures the Council will have to debate the petition at a public meeting. Please note that that the Council say only signatures from people living, working or studying in West Sussex and showing a valid West Sussex post code will be counted. If you live outside the County please use your West Sussex work or study address and postcode instead.

Please circulate this as widely as possible.


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