Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Safe in Jeremy Hunt's hands

Hunt has dealt with the crisis caused by five hospitals declaring a "major incidents only" shutdown of A and E. He has redefined the word "crisis" and instructed us plebs to "Accentuate the positive. Eliminate the negative. Latch on to the affirmative and don't mess with Mr Miliband".

This is the new politics. Cameron redefined the deficit so he could claim the Tories have halved it. The US went one better. They redefined torture so they could claim they did not torture anybody. Surely the next thing will be for Cameron to redefine all problems out of existence. And George Orwell predicted this in 1984. "Newspeak" redefined everything so that War was peace, ignorance is strength and freedom was slavery.

And speaking of ignorance, the Faragists have decided that we can solve the shortage of doctors by deporting the foreign ones because they "can't talk English proper like what we does."

Cameron claimed on the Andrew Marr show that local authorities should make "efficiency savings" or "cuts" as we might say in oldspeak, year on year. There can be no let up. He did not suggest efficiency savings for MPs expenses, you will be relieved to hear.

One of the many problems in the NHS over and above the cuts is the government setting daft targets and managers finding ingenious ways around them. Insist every patient should be "seen" within 18 weeks and sure enough they will be "seen" - and then have a six month wait before the hospital will actually do anything!

And as for Miliband? Well he is speaking through his Balls as ever, "nice Labour cuts" are beginning to look a lot like the nasty Tory cuts. Never mind the Westminster canaille setting targets for us, we should be setting targets for them.
We need a party of the working class.




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