Friday, January 23, 2015

Beheadings and torture make Blair "uncomfortable."

Tony Blair eulogised the autocratic dictator King Abdullah, one of the world's richest monarchs. Although he made the Taliban look like liberals and he had a taste for beheading to rival that of ISIS, he supported the ambitions of Bush and his poodle Blair in the Iraq war.

Blair brought euphemism to a new high when interviewed by BBC Television News.He said that the beheadings and torture in Saudi Arabia were "uncomfortable." I imagine they were, but not for Teflon Tony of course.

Building snowmen or "driving a car without a penis" are criminal offences in Saudi Arabia as is any criticism of the regime. Raif Badawi has been the centre of a worldwide campaign after being sentenced to a thousand lashes for speaking his mind. "Uncomfortable," Mr Blair?
The beheadings take place in public and some victims are provided with painkillers beforehand. A woman accused of killing her daughter was beheaded without the aid of painkillers so she was able to protest her innocence to the end. It took three attempts to behead her. "Uncomfortable," Mr Blair?

Saudi Arabia enjoys the support of American Imperialism and of the British government. The same people who hypocritically denounce the barbarity of ISIS turn a blind eye to the barbarity of the "progressive" monarch Abdullah.

Abdullah and his ilk belong in the trash can of history. Workers who resist the regime deserve all the support the working class movement in the UK can give them. The very fact that the likes of Blair, to give him his full title, mass-murdering war criminal Tony Blair, support the Saudi dictatorship should be enough to convince socialists that there is nothing progressive about them.


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