Friday, December 26, 2014

UKIP and the National Front

Ian has done the work of detailing links between UKIPpers and the National Front. It makes interesting reading. It does not "prove" UKIP is a fascist party. It ought to give people a reason not to take everything they say at face value.

Many people find the EU remote from their needs and interests and UKIP (and back in the day the National Front) like to play on that emotion to get support.

Many people distrust the EU because it represents the interests of the rich. UKIP plays on that too. However it does not mean UKIP won't serve the interests of the rich too. Racism always plays into the hands of the rich - they use it to divide and rule.

Anyone who is waiting for an operation or struggling to find a job might be convinced that the Romanians are to blame. It might be rubbish (in fact it is) but they are an easily identified scapegoat.

The trade unions are seeking to pursue these social issues but they are hamstrung as long as they trust in the Labour traitors. Indeed it begins to a look a bit needy to go back to Labour time and time again like a Labrador when Labour only lets us down again every single time. The working class deserves a lot better but the UKIPpers are just a red herring.


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