Monday, December 08, 2014

The role of the hero

The Iron Heel is a classic of Socialist literature.

This book analyses the role of the hero in Jack London's The Iron Heel. The Iron Heel is both an adventure story and a critique of the rapacious nature of the rich. London compares them to a pack of wolves. Try appealing to their better nature! This makes the novel contemporary although it was published in 1906. The role of the hero in the novel poses particular problems for the writer and the book analyses how he tackles them. 

Introduction - "All art is propaganda but not all propaganda is art." 
Section 1 - London's presentation of the hero. 
a) London's use of his own experiences.
b) Point of View.
c) London's appeal to his readers.
Section 2 - The wolf and the eagle. London's animal imagery. 
Section 3 - The Superman 
a) The Christian Atheist.
b) Earnest and Avis.
c) The credibility of the hero.

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