Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Let them eat porridge!

When hearing that the poor people were rioting because they had no bread, Marie Antoinette wittily remarked, ""Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" "Why don't they eat cake?" Sycophantic historians have claimed she never said any such thing because it was "an old joke." which it was. This is hardly a reason for her not to repeat it but today's sycophants have to do their best. At the time the sycophants just had to laugh obediently.

Baroness Jenkin didn't get where she is today by being witty and amusing. When she claimed the problem with the working classes was that they went to food banks because they didn't know how to cook, she was trying to show compassionate Conservatism at work. She claimed that she could make porridge for 4 pence and that was quite good enough for the working classes to eat. One wonders what kind of porridge this is. It has no milk, no salt and is unheated because all these things take money. Whatever the thin gruel Lady Muck wants to feed us, God help anyone who asks for more!

This compassionate Conservatism is on a par with IDS claiming he knew all about poverty because he had been unemployed. Like all the unemployed he went to live in daddy's house and the servants brought him three meals a day. I am guessing it wasn't porridge.

In fact the vicious application of harsh benefit rules mean that families have to go to food banks or starve. While Baroness Jenkins lives in luxury, better people than her go without.

So would be guillotine be a bit harsh for Baroness Jenkin and her ilk? She knows better than anyone that you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. #socialistreviews


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