Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Democracy on the rack

The president of the USA has finally admitted what the rest of the world has been saying for over a decade. The use of torture by the CIA was not "made up by terrorists", it actually happened. He is also saying it was counterproductive.

Of course the CIA do not do so much in the torturing line these days, they subcontract it and the subcontractors are not subject to any scrutiny at all.

The publication of CIA torture techniques is intended as a warning to any critics of American foreign (or domestic) policy. Disagree with us and this will happen to you!

Obama boasts that only the US admits its mistakes. This glosses over the fact that it takes a very long time and that torturing people does not take place by "mistake". The highest ranking person ever imprisoned over Abu Ghraib torture was a sergeant. (A brigadier general got a slap on the wrist) The Commander in Chief (I think his name was Bush) got away scot free.

And the US cannot be prosecuted over war crimes. That is reserved for regimes they don't like.

So will the real culprits ever face trial for torture techniques, some of which they copied from the Nazis? Don't hold your breath.


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