Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Using Flash Fiction with learners

I am a retired teacher. I work as a volunteer, along with my wife, Angela, with a functional English Class in Worthing in Sussex.

I have started using Every Day Fiction with the class. I have posted links to specific stories or to a menu of stories on Moodle and added a forum for learners to write their comments.

Moodle is a magical open-source digital learning environment. Students can work on it in class. There is time to read a story and write about it in one lesson along with all the other things we have to do. Using Moodle means that the more motivated students can also do it at home. 

I made a start with the Halloween stories and they were very popular.

The students are mainly adults who don't read a great deal and some stories are going to be easier for them than others. The fact that stories have tags is very useful to guide them to stories they are likely to like.

I hope some of them will get hooked on Everyday Fiction.

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