Friday, November 14, 2014

Jeremy Hunt's deception

In a typical piece of deception, the government is urging people with "trivial" illnesses not to go to the doctor or to A and E. The plain fact is that often the only way people can get treatment urgently is to go to A and E because the waiting lists for minor surgery are so long it could easily become major surgery by the time you get to the front of the queue. This does not apply to the rich who always join the queue at the front anyway.

Hunt has announced an injection of cash to deal with the anticipated oncoming crisis in winter. However, the BMA has said that the funding is not new money.

Quoted in "The i" newspaper, Mark Porter, chair of the BMA council said "This announcement is merely a sticking plaster. It masks the fact that a funding gap of thirty billion pounds is opening up in the NHS and does not go far enough to address the underlying reasons why the system is under such extreme pressure."

The NHS is not safe in the hands of any of the politicians. We have to fight for it if we want a National Health Service worthy of the name and not just a meaningless "brand".


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