Friday, October 24, 2014

White Only Taxi drivers

Car 2000 in Rochdale uses the pretext of a sex grooming scandal for a policy of offering customers white drivers.

Car 2000 are driving a cab through the Equalities Act.

Next we will be able to insist on heterosexual drivers, Protestant drivers and definitely Juden Verboten.

The media coverage implies all paedophiles are from Pakistan. That Jimmy Saville kept the fact he was from Pakistan a secret didn't he? Him and thousands of other paedophiles in fact.

It is absurd that an employer can discriminate in this way and use a grooming scandal as a pretext. The council say they can do nothing. That is utterly ludicrous. A workers' party would be organising a boycott of all racist taxi firms. Instead New Labour always retreat in the face of racism. UKIP blame our economic woes on Eastern Europeans. Instead of telling these idiots that is untrue, Labour is adding fuel to the flames. Does anybody really think Miliband can pose as a better racist than Farage?

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