Saturday, October 04, 2014

The Miranda Revolution

I have been mostly working on children's stories during the last month but The Miranda Revolution will be coming out later this year.
The Miranda Revolution is the third book in the Mirror of Eternity series. It is a work of imagination. However there are some serious matters at the back of it.

In many parts of the world, the failure of the workers' parties to live up to their promise and fight on behalf of the poor has led other forces to occupy the position those parties have relinquished.

A classic example of this is in El Salvador where a Catholic Priest, Saint Oscar Romero, stood out against the military dictatorship. Oscar Romero was a wholly remarkable man. He became Archbishop because he was seen as a "safe pair of hands" who would not cause the American-backed dictatorship any trouble. In the end, however, he was a champion of the poor who became a martyr to the cause after one particular radio broadcast in which he told the soldiers they should not obey an order to fire on the poor.
The Church recognises him as a martyr and in America he is regarded as a Saint. So much so that the Republicans in Texas tried to have any history books which referred to him burnt!

For the reference see

The character of the Saint Miranda of the title is ambiguous. Is she a saint or is she manipulating the situation to her own advantage? Well only you can decided that and only when the book is published :)

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