Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Politicians dance to UKIP's tune

Michael Fallon responded to the threat of UKIP with outright racist statements about British people being "swamped" by immigrants, echoing the infamous days when Thatcher stole slogans from the National Front. There was a swift denial from the Prime Minister. Cameron did not disagree with the disgraceful racist sentiment but with the "choice of words".

Instead of standing up to racism, "Red Ed" Miliband uses weasel words about "taking on board people's concerns." The lie that pressure on the NHS is not caused by Tory cuts but by the Romanians is given credibility when the Labour traitors are so spineless in their response. I will repeat the fact, a quarter of doctors and half of all nurses in the NHS were born overseas. Get rid of them with "tough immigration policies" and you would double the problems of health care.

It is no wonder Farage is laughing like a demented hyena. UKIP goes up in the polls because people realise the politicians are doing nothing to help them. Then the politicians all dance to UKIP's tune that the EEC and the European immigrants are the problem.

Only one small problem. Stop the free movement of people in Europe and you stop the free movement of British workers overseas. What are they supposed to do? Come back to Blighty and become part of the "benefits culture" we hear so much about?

You cannot win a battle by caving in. The trade unions should give the New Labour charlatans their marching orders. Either support the working class, show some backbone, or the unions will support people who will. #socialistreviews

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