Sunday, October 26, 2014

Bottomley's smug little leaflet

The Conservatives think they hardly have to make any effort in Durrington. They issued a smug little leaflet with a picture of millionaire MP Bottomley.
The heading was "Why should I vote Conservative?"
Each reason was more ridiculous than the last but I will mention only two.

"Conservatives are improving education."

I think that unleashing Gove and his mad expensive schemes on the education system can not be described as "improving education." Bottomley did not have the manners to reply to letters from this voter asking why Gove approves the use of cheap unqualified teachers in academies. Such manners they teach them in Westminster School!

"We are delivering a Country where if you contribute, you gain reward." (They insisted on a capital C for country. Improving education indeed!)

And then this morning the news included the stories that British pensioner poverty is the worst in the EU and that a record number of workers are on poverty wages. More than five million workers are in low-paid work, with the proportion of people on low salaries rising from 21 to 22 per cent last year, according to the new research by the Resolution Foundation think-tank.

Well some people are getting rewarded but they are mainly millionaires like Bottomley and his chums. #socialistreviews

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