Monday, September 15, 2014

The abominable "no" men

The increasingly panic stricken chuckle brothers, Gordon Brown and
Alistair Darling are decrying the "narrow nationalism" of the Scots. At
the same time they are orchestrating a disgusting nationalist campaign
to frighten Scots into "rallying round the flag." They are a disgrace.

Worse yet, the Rt Hon Tony Blair, or "mass-murdering war criminal Tony
Blair" as he is popularly known in the Middle East, has decided to throw
his weight behind the pro-Tory campaign in Scotland. Matthew Norman in
today's "i" newspaper has concluded "Whatever Thursday's referendum
brings, Mr Salmond has been blessed in his opponents."

The people of Scotland have a right to self-determination. The
Conservative and Unionist Party has always opposed that right. They at
least are being consistent. Kier Hardy the Labour Party founder, was a
keen advocate of Home Rule both for Scotland and Ireland. He must be
turning in his grave to hear the Labour Traitors grovelling to the
English Tories.

As for the Liberal Democrats, who on earth cares what they think after
they let the Tories form the most right-wing administration since Thatcher.

However the vote goes, the pro-austerity parties are in for a rough
ride. The Scottish working class increasingly sees the Independence
referendum as a way to "give the effing Tories a kicking" for good and
all. That feeling will not go away. The opportunites to pursue a
Socialist Scotland will be enormous.



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