Wednesday, September 24, 2014

NUT the next generation

NUT - TNG. I spent a couple of hours in Bognor today recruiting student-teachers. This is a good activity for a retired teacher and I can thoroughly recommend it. The next generation are questioners. They want to know which union is right for them and which union's policies accord with their view of education.
They are encouraged to join all the unions - it's free after all - and then make their minds up to join the NUT :)

The ATL were there and I talked to them about the time when we had a joint strike rally with ATL in Worthing. We are stronger together if we are taking action. The same goes for the NASUWT.

I had to be polite to "Voice" the artists formerly known as "PAT" the strike-breaking conspiracy. The first line of their leaflet was enough for a long discussion which I bit my lip and avoided.

It read, "The non-striking union in education. We believe in the power of negotiation, never resorting to industrial action."

The recent victory at Hove Park School involved the power of negotiation. And that power was backed up with strike action when appropriate. "Voice" can hardly claim to have been of the slightest use to that successful campaign.

The removal of Michael Gove was an example of the power of joint industrial action which it would be wise to remember. One minute Govey was saying "this strike will achieve nothing" and the next minute he was out on his ear.

To hold talks without being prepared to exercise your democratic right to strike is like negotiating with both hands tied behind you back. The employers will simply laugh at you.

The other problem with the "non-striking union" is that they boast of not being affiliated to the TUC. So they are not even a union. However on the plus side whenever the Daily Telegraph wants a quote from a union, they can be guaranteed to quote "Voice." That does not sound very independent to me

The students at Bognor will add to the strength of genuine trade unionism in the years to come.



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