Saturday, September 06, 2014


The NUT exec has backed away from the October strike. The government will hail this as a 'victory for common sense.' They mean a victory for the divided ramshackle coalition.

It would seem the government's tactic of 'divide and conquer' has succeeded.

I cannot see the other unions being impressed. They might talk about us in the same terms NUT members often talk about NASUWT.

United action brought down Gove. LANAC will rise to the challenge of making the NUT leaders fight.

LANAC is the Local Associations for National Action Campaign.

LANAC has made the NUT leaders fight in the past. and the vote on the Exec was not unanimous. It was 25 to 12 but some of those 25 can be turned back from the Dark Side.

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Stephen Bee said...

I do honestly believe its no longer about pay or pensions , or working conditions etc...but about this neoliberal idealogy which feeds the rich and makes the rest destitute as slaves...

Unfortunately we didn't learn enough after history repeats itself because we didn't listen.

This lot of Condems make Thatcher seems like Mother Theresa...they told so many lies to get elected and even that they didn't win fairly..and they continue to lie there way through soon as Cameron syas "Let me be absolutely clear.." You KNOW another lie is about to be told..