Friday, September 19, 2014

Labour's actions in Scotland are a warning to workers in England and Wales

The Tories could not have organised the "no" campaign on their own. They needed stooges and lickspittles North of the border.

Step forward the Darling/Brown double-act. Without the Labour Traitors it is unlikely in the extreme that the Tories could have carried the day. Darling deserves a knighthood from the Tories. Brown, a peerage at least.

In the period leading up to the referendum the polls showed a big shift among Labour supporters to the "Yes" camp but the Labour Traitors pulled out all the stops to help the Tories to win.

The empty promises of constitutional reform will be drafted "by January 2015" and then there will be a general election. If anything is left of these pie-in-the-sky reforms by then it will not be worth the paper it is written on.

The only reason these wiseacres were even *talking* about pretending to give more powers to Scotland was because of the Yes campaign.

What they feared most of all was the simple fact that all the parties of capitalism - Lib Lab Con - (perhaps LIBLABCON will be the name under which they fight the next election) backed the "No" campaign. The Yes vote was a massive rejection of their perspective of cuts and more cuts.

The "no" result is a setback for workers in Britain as a whole. International solidarity does not recognise any borders. The policy of "austerity" is a sham. There is no "austerity" for millionaires like Cameron. There are just "tough choices" for the rest of us. The response must cross borders. Action from the unions, action from the TUC rather than fine words are what is required now.

The NSSN has forced the TUC to get off its knees before. It can do it again. Cameron and his Labour Traitor allies have won the battle. They must not win the war.


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