Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Worthing is a town which has always re-elected Tory sunkets in the past and the worship of the blessed Saint Margaret Thatcher is widespread. It was a pleasant surprise therefore when the Connaught Studio was packed out for a performance of "Skylight" by David Hare.

The play is part of the National Theatre Live screening program whereby plays are broadcast throughout the country. David Hare sees this as an alternative to touring and made it a condition of putting the play on that it should be broadcast by the NT Live program.

In it Carey Mulligan plays a teacher and Bill Nighy as her former lover is the epitome of Thatcherism. The play cleverly weaves a love story, a comedy and a political statement around each other.

I will not give away the plot but David Hare commented during the interval that it was originally staged at the end of the Thatcher era in which those who work in the public services were denigrated and "we have just had four years of the same!"

Carey Mulligan has one final statement in which she says that teaching is about setting your own objectives, and celebrating them when you achieve them rather than following the daft objectives set by politicians who hate the public services. All teachers will recognise that.
It is well worth seeing if there is another NT "encore" performance in your area.
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