Thursday, August 28, 2014

Old boys' network

There is an absurd old left-wing idea that the top jobs in British society are dominated by an "Old boys' network" of posh public school boys. It is interesting therefore that a government report produced by the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission has produced the following hard facts.

The old school tie brigade make up

71 percent of senior judges

62 percent of senior armed forces officers

55 percent of Whitehall permanent secretaries (the "Sir Humphries")

50 percent of House of Lords members

36 percent of the Cabinet (22 percent of the Shadow Cabinet)

33 percent of MPs

26 percent of BBC executives.

The report produced similar percentages for the number who went to Oxbridge. Oxford and Cambridge deny that they favour public school pupils over the state sector. Methinks they do protest too much.

With these percentages and the misogynist nature of most public schools, it is hardly surprising, for example, that Cameron's line-up of MPs and MEPs show a distinct gender bias. In the global table of female representation, the UK ranks 74th - down from 33rd in 1999 and 62nd in 2010.

And what are the chances of the government doing anything about this? Are a group of public school boys who have cottoned on to a good thing going to put an end to it? The odds are on a par with turkeys voting for an early Christmas I imagine.

Don't be fooled by the wigs and silk stockings. They are public school boys underneath.

We are many. They are few. They use their power to defend their wealth and privilege. They will not give up either without a fight.. TUSC (The Trade Union and Socialist Coalition founded by Bob Crow)  is the only political party which fight.

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