Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Trust No1

The Independent newspaper's poll shows that trust in Labour to defend the NHS is on a par with trust in the Tories. Meanwhile nobody trusts the LibDems with anything which is as it should be.

Surely the fact that the privatisation drive began under Labour, the public-private partnerships which siphoned public money into private pockets were Blair's brainchild. That should give people a clue.

If we are to fight for the NHS there is no point whatsoever in "trusting" any of the politicians. They have access to private hospitals and doctors. They could not care less if you are waiting six months for an operation - you ought to be rich, then you could get to the head of the queue.

TUSC has two policies which are relevant here. One is to oppose all cuts - nasty Tory cuts, nice Labour cuts, sneaky Lib Dem cuts.

Labour council after Labour council has voted through the Tory cuts often with crocodile tears in their eyes. Trust them?

The other is that TUSC representatives will only get the average wage of a skilled worker. They will not enjoy a pampered lifestyle which cuts them off from the rest of society.


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