Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tristram Hunt on Newsnight

The honourable Tristram Hunt was humiliated on Newsnight by an irritating interviewer who kept reminding him how many of Gove's policies he agreed with. The only crumb of comfort for teachers was that he opposed the government's drive to get rid of qualified teachers in favour of cheaper less-qualified staff.

Just a thought but will the homophobic corporate lawyer Nicky Morgan insist on lessons on tax-dodging being included in the curriculum?

The Daily Mirror has a list of "9 things you should know about Nicky Morgan" which includes this chilling remark:
While she may have been brought in to rescue relations with teachers - whom Gove helpfully referred to as "the blob" - the change in tone shouldn't suggest a change in direction. She's publicly supported Gove's reforms in the past and is thought to be a "safe pair of hands" to carry them through.

These reforms include ditching qualified teachers and robbing schools of money to support the private free schools experiment.

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