Thursday, July 10, 2014

Picket line in Durrington

Just walking the dog this morning and look who I bumped into. Any more strike photos welcome.

Unison members standing up for public service against a political elite hell-bent on privatising everything. You can stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Cameron. You see we really are "all in it together" but not perhaps in the way you intended :)

A picket in Gateshead was on the radio this morning.
"You don't have a mandate for this strike." said the BBC
"Well the Conservatives don't have a mandate to govern either."
That shut them up.

Gove thinks the public are stupid. He rants and raves about the disruption caused by one day without a qualified teacher in the classroom. When we explain to parents that Gove plans to do away with qualified teachers altogether they realise that would be much more disruptive. The Gove believes (contrary to everybody else of course) that any Tom, Dick or Harriet can teach,

And there is no point quoting evidence to him because he sticks his fingers in his ears (as he did on Question Time) and goes "yadda yadda yadda!"

And we thought Keith Joseph was barking!

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