Saturday, July 26, 2014

Something wicked this way comes

I will not have it said that the upper classes are eccentric. Some of
them are completely barking.

According to the i newspaper, David Tredinnich, the Conservative MP for
Bosworth has recommended Astrology as an option for NHS patients. Given
that the queues for treatment stretch from here to eternity, enlisting
the aid of Hogwarts may be the only answer.

The worst aspect of this is that Tredinnick is a member of Parliament's
health and science committee. I will repeat that, the health and
*science* committee. If astrology is what passes for science in
Parliament it does explain a lot. A number of the government's policies
do seem to be under the influence of a conjunction with Uranus

I would like to say that this is the final insult to patients who are
suffering from the government's disgraceful cuts in health and welfare.
Believe me they have bigger and better insults to follow and you don't
need a crystal ball to tell that.

A party of the working class would be having a field day opposing these
charlatans and their lucky stars. Just another reason why we need one.


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