Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Obama has a billion to waste

Obama has announced that he will be spending a billion dollars of taxpayers' money on increasing military commitment in Eastern Europe. People living on what passes for welfare in the US will be amazed to see that there is a spare billion dollars to squander on military sabre-rattling in Eastern Europe.
The ostensible cause of this is the vote of the Crimea to join Russia and the continued civil war in the Ukraine. Regardless of the validity of US indignation it seems an absurdity for the US to protest Russian interference in another country after Iraq and Afghanistan. That set an example of imperialism which the Russians might just be imitating. As far as I know the people of Iraq and Afghanistan did not vote to invite the American bombers in.

According to Stanford University “The current poverty rates for the full population of America and for children rank among the very worst over the 13 years since 2000 (i.e., both are ranked 11th).”The full report is available online at
A sane person would be committing the maximum resources to deal with this “real and present danger to the people of the United States” to use the jargon.

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