Monday, June 16, 2014

Mass-murdering war criminal Tony Blair

The headline in the "i" today is "Labour backs away from Blair as Iraq war wounds reopen."  Better late than never perhaps. Better never late! They have fallen far short of the demand that Blair should be arraigned for war crimes. It is a bit late for Labour - which under Blair adopted a policy of war as a first resort rather than a last resort - to try to disown the bastard child now.

The Labour Party in the 1960s was presented as a party of peace, social justice and public ownership. Say what you like about Wilson - and we did - he refused to send British troops into Vietnam. Under Blair all that changed. Labour became the war party, the party of inequality and of privatisation. And blaming Blair is not enough. THEY LET HIM DO IT. ALL OF THEM.

There is a reason why they are commonly referred to as "Labour Traitors". Even now when Labour makes vague noises about opposing Free Schools (a bit) and supporting the NHS (sort of), they have Ed Balls reassuring the rich that the Tory cuts will continue. It will be business as usual.

Yet another imperial adventure in Iraq or Syria would do as much good as their previous attempts. And as much harm.

We need a clean break.  People may vote Labour out of desperation in the next election. They cannot do so with any expectation that things will alter.

We need a party of the working class.

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