Saturday, May 24, 2014

Local elections are a disaster for the ConDems

Although the ConDems has a very bad time in the elections this has been eclipsed in the media coverage. The Labour Party is in disarray. The response to the decisive defeat of the ConDems and the rise in the number of Labour Councillors has been attacks on the leadership.  Miliband's lacklustre leadership has been used as a pretext for the Blairistas to peddle their poisonous politics. And in the wings the man himself is waiting for the call. Tony Blair, or to give him his full title Mass Murdering War Criminal Tony Blair is ready to lead Labour into more cuts, more privatisation and more imperial adventures overseas. Just what the people need? No.

The commitment of the Labour leadership to continue the Tory cuts in welfare will probably not get the people flocking to the polls next year.

And the Faragistas are revelling in their victories. Nigel (If you thought the Tory cuts were bad wait until you see ours) Farage was photographed in most papers looking smug. In his case it is actually hard to tell. "I'll just finish this pint then it's off to dismantle the NHS," he seemed to say.

In other news the BNP were trounced, left with only one councillor in the country. Perhaps the racist vote went to UKIP. Certainly the BNP TV broadcast focussed on the message "We are the real racists, UKIP are just pretending to get votes."

In better news Southampton 'rebel councillor' and TUSC national steering committee member Keith Morrell has been re-elected to his council seat in Coxford, in a vindication of the bold stand that he, and fellow rebel councillor Don Thomas, made against the Labour council's cuts.

Up and down the country Lab, Lib and Con councillors are voting through cuts. It is not surprising that people are voting for UKIP when they are seen as "none of the above". Give them time and you will find out they are no better and in some ways even worse than the "establishment parties".

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