Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Durrington Tories have no policies

Working on an adult education class on "persuasive writing" I was able to find statements of policy from the parties standing in Worthing.
The Greens set out their vision, they were very hot on opposing fracking for example.
The Labour Party had some political statements about the kind of Worthing they think the public deserves.
The Libdems (if you forget that they are the handmaidens of the Conservative Party for a moment) certainly had some political vision they were asking people to vote for.
UKIP had some (frankly fatuous) arguments about immigration and the EU which are tangentially relevant to Worthing at least and expressed in few words.

I had a lot of information about the Socialists (TUSC) but we have no candidates in Worthing.

Then I looked for the Conservative Party vision for the future of Worthing. Apparently they have no idea. Their website is not selling a vision to the public. They boast about the cheap parking they have brought in just before the election. The cynic in me wonders how long it will last after the votes are counted. So I was all agog to see what the leaflet from the Durrington Conservatives had to say. The answer is precisely nothing. There was a photo of someone I would not buy a used car from and "Every Vote Counts! Vote Conservative" and that was the sum total of their message to the masses. Talk about the arrogance of uncontested power!

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