Thursday, May 15, 2014

A challenge for the NUT leadership

NUT members have an important decision to make in June when they receive their ballot paper to vote for the next General Secretary of the NUT. If they choose to use their vote, as I hope they will, they have a clear choice to make between the existing GS, Christine Blower, and myself, Martin Powell-Davies, a member of the NUT National Executive.

My candidature has ensured that there is a contested election for this key post in the Union. I hope this will help to engage NUT colleagues across England and Wales in the debate about how best to defeat the ongoing attacks on teachers and education. 

Short biographies and 300 word election statements from both Christine and I will be circulated with the voting papers. Regrettably, however, unlike last year's National Officers Election, NUT members won't have a chance to compare candidates' election statements on the National NUT website. This is because the rules state that both candidates must be in agreement  - and I was the only candidate willing for this to happen.

I hope that NUT Associations will agree that members should be given a full opportunity to read about the candidates and their policies before voting. I am grateful for those who have already agreed to circulate my election poster (downloadable from ). I have also produced an additional poster - with a cartoon for your noticeboards - which can be downloaded from

I hope that your Association would agree to email their members with the 150 word statement that I had hoped would be posted on the National NUT website. Here it is:  


Effective leadership with a WINNING strategy

I am seeking your support to lead the NUT in a battle we cannot afford to lose.

Whoever forms the next Government, Ministers will continue to criticise teachers, undermine our pay and conditions, damage children’s education.

Teachers have solidly supported their Union’s campaign but know it’s far from won.

We experience:

·        demoralisation and worsening workload, 

·        colleagues driven from the profession, 

  • damaging pension and pay legislation imposed.


Continued public campaigning is essential but we will only win serious concessions when we show we are prepared to take serious action.

We need clear campaign objectives, a calendar of ongoing action rather than isolated ‘protest’ strikes, firm workload action across schools.

If elected General Secretary, I pledge to: 

·        encourage professional unity,  

·        strengthen workplace organisation, 

·        give members confidence to escalate action, 

sharpen our media messages, explaining we act to defend education.

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