Sunday, April 20, 2014

From NUT conference

(From NUT conference)

Laura Fisher from Wakefield told us the following:

A shepherd was approached by a man in a smart suit in an expensive car.
"If I tell you how many sheep you have, can I have one of them?"
The shepherd was in a good mood and he assented.
The man then used his laptop and satellite observations and eventually came up with the answer "250"
The shepherd gave him a free choice of the sheep and then said, "If I tell you what you do for a living will you give it back to me?"
The man agreed and the shepherd said immediately, "You are an OFSTED inspector."
The man was flummoxed and demanded to know how the shepherd had worked this out.
"Well it took you ages to find out something I knew already and you clearly haven't got the first idea about my job. Now give me my dog back."

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