Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Food bank Britain

Nearly one million people are relying on food banks in Britain. The
massive increase can be directly related to cuts in benefits.
Jobseekers' allowance is basically a means of punishing the unemployed
and even the paltry sums provided have been under attack since October.
The minimum sanction has been raised from one to four weeks and benefits
can now be cut for up to three years.

The DWP's Iain Duncan Smith is at a loss to understand this. When he was
unemployed he had the option of staying in daddy's mansion and having
the servants bring him three meals a day. He certainly didn't need a
food bank so nor do these people.

Trussell's Trust have estimated that there has been an increase in the
number of people using food banks of 163 percent. The rules for applying
to use most food banks are quite strict. People have to be referred by a
care professional such as a doctor and food aid is strictly limited.

The DWP consistently pretend that "people are using food banks more
because there are more food banks." This is possibly the stupidest piece
of logic since it was estimated that if there were fewer firemen there
would be fewer fires.

And of course the opposition are going to do something about this.
Actually no. They have meekly agreed to continue with Tory spending
cuts. All Labour is offering is "more of the same". Vocal opposition is
coming from religious groups and charities who normally keep quiet about
the Conservatives to avoid alienating the public..

TUSC are alone in opposing all cuts. The choice is very simple.


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