Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A diamond for the teacher

Proof if proof were needed that we really are "all in it together". The Tatler magazine (quoted in the i newspaper, I don't read it myself) revealed that parents at seriously posh private schools (the kind to which cabinet members and Tatler readers send their offspring) are showering the teachers with lavish gifts.

These include diamond necklaces, a Hermes handbag and the keys to the parents' foreign villa. A head teacher was also singled out by a chauffeur who delivered a case of burgundy in exchange for a tour of the school and an expected place for his child. The Tatler does not make clear whether they are outraged by the blatant bribery or the thought of a mere servant trying to get in to an exclusive school.

The Tatler complains that the gifting culture is becoming increasingly aggressive and manipulative. Personally, I blame Thatcher.

The Classroom Teacher Manual (recently updated) is based on 33 years teaching and 16 years running a helpline for teachers. I can always use some positive reviews on Amazon (hint)

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