Saturday, March 08, 2014

Stand up for Education

Chris Perry, Steven from Brighton and Hove and I kicked off the Stand up for Education action leafleting in Worthing. I can say straight away that the reception was better than my previous experience in Crawley with about half of the people taking leaflets, some signatures on the petition and some interesting discussions. The weather remained dry which was a blessing.

It would seem that the public favour the idea of qualified teachers teaching their children while the politicians realise that unqualified teachers would be cheaper. So would unqualified surgeons and nurses. I expect that is what Peter Bottomley will want next time he goes to hospital :)

One self-confessed OFSTED inspector refused a leaflet. OFSTED will not stand up for education apparently. A pity because it is a small step from unqualified cheap teachers to unqualified cheap OFSTED inspectors.

At least one person thought the leaflets were "Cool" but one member of the public was disappointed that "Stand up for Education" isn't a comedy show. You can't please all the people.

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