Tuesday, March 25, 2014

No books for prisoners

Grayling (the misnamed "justice minister") backs a "spartan" regime in prisons. Prisoners, who are naughty people, should be banned from receiving books. Books are a luxury, this Tory millionaire insists. They will be wanting Champagne and caviar next.

The idea that prisons have any role in education or rehabilitation has been thrown out of the window. The question of whether prisons are remotely effective in educating or rehabilitating prisoners is therefore no longer an issue. So long as the prisoners are punished, and punished by cheap privatised unqualified staff of course, the target is being fulfilled.

And will this appease the extremists of UKIP? Probably not. Well obviously they would argue he is not going far enough. It costs a lot of money to allow oxygen into prisons and let's face it, do they really need it?





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