Friday, March 21, 2014

Myth of "out of control" welfare spending

According to the i newspaper, "Karen Rowlingson, professor of social
policy at Birmingham University, said the idea that welfare spending had
spiralled out of contol was a "myth", as between 1995 and 2011
"expenditure on benefits , as a proportion of GDP, fell sharply and then
remained stable for the longest period since the foundation of the
welfare state."

This has not stopped the Tories putting a cap on welfare spending which
will mean that the poorest suffer most. Nor has it prevented the Labour
Traitors from agreeing right away that they will stick to this policy.
It goes without saying there is no cap on MP's expenses and no cap on
bankers' bonuses. The rich will continue to get rich and the poor will
get poorer.

None of the political parties will oppose this except the Trade Unionist
and Socialist Coalition (which was supported by Bob Crow). It would seem
that only TUSC policy is based on the truth of the situation while the
Condems and the Labour traitors base their policy on a convenient lie
parroted on every occasion.

Labour will go into the election with the inspiring slogan "Vote for us,
we are exactly the same as the Tories, we promise." That will get them
flocking to the ballot boxes :)


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