Sunday, March 16, 2014

If this is Saturday it must be Horsham

We leafletted in Horsham on Saturday. It can often be a hotbed of apathy but the local people were polite and many took leaflets and signed the petition.The public seem to want qualified teachers for their children but many are unaware that the politicians are trying to employ any Tom, Dick or Harriet to teach so long as they are cheap.

One gave us tips on leafleting. One was a former unqualified teacher but he did have two degrees so he was not totally unqualified.

Some people thought they were too old to care but they responded to the argument that they had qualified teachers and our youngsters deserve the same.

The only fly in the ointment was the market managers who said our table was dangerous. However we kept a close eye on it and we managed to stop it from eating any children or assaulting OAPs

One of them even came up and took our personal details and took photographs. Worthing and Crawley do not find a mere table hazardous. They do things differently (or stupidly perhaps?) in Horsham!

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